Take the hassle out of contact tracing.

Let your staff, suppliers and customers “wave in” with their smartphones.


How it works

Wavin™ has created a world-first patent-pending contactless visitor management platform that lets you and your customers, staff and contractors wave their phones over a sensor placed at the entry to your business. Once they enter their details the first time, it remembers them for future Wavins anywhere in the world. A one time registration saves them and you time and money, helps you stay compliant, and helps contact tracers easily access data when they need it. Simple and powerful – everyone benefits.

Wavin wherever you see the Wavin™ logo.

How Wavin™ compares to other systems

Visitor sign ins are contactless, automated and instant with Wavin™. Instead of using paper and pen, which creates risk of transmission and an administrative mess, having to use your own database, which wastes time and money, or using awkward programmes which force users to download apps, scan and enter their details every single time. Wavin™ makes it all easy, quick and secure for your  customers and staff. The system captures each Wavin™ whenever a smartphone is brought near a sensor. Nothing to install, and compatible with all popular smartphones. For older phones, Wavin developed a world-first SeQR™ Code for scanning in visitors. If someone doesn’t have a smart device, it’s easy to Wavin™ for them.

Who we are

We are a team of Australian entrepreneurs with a wide range of technology and event industry experience who saw that the current solutions in the market weren’t efficient and knew there was a better way to help us all manage the current COVID-19 situation. We have created this system in the interests of the public and businesses to help contact tracers do their important work, to help keep the public safe, and to help businesses comply. There are many uses for the Wavin™ system beyond contact tracing but that is our sole focus for the moment. Our goal is to make Wavin™ available to all businesses and allow people to Wavin wherever they see the logo. Together we can all do our part to help improve safety for our community.



Wavin™ has been designed to be very affordable. At only A$30 to set up per sensor and a flat rate of A$24 per month subscription (inc GST), it makes sense.
For only A$24/month you can manage your visitors, protect your staff, customers and community.

Enterprise solutions for large volumes are also available. Please contact us for further information.

Peace of Mind

For less than 81 cents per day, you can reassure your customers and staff that you have their health and best interest at heart. Protect your staff, suppliers and customers with Wavin™.

“Fast entry, less queuing, more sales, easy compliance.”

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Benefits of Wavin™

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Wavin™ Helps Your Business Create Trust

Staff feel safe to come to work

Staff feel safe to come to work knowing that all co-workers and on-site guests are accounted for. This means peace of mind for your workforce.

Suppliers feel safe to deliver

Having a world class contactless visitor management system means your suppliers and contractors can deliver the goods and services your organisation needs safely.

Customers feel safe to enter

Boost your customer’s confidence and trust in your organisation, as they can be rest assured you’re delivering a safe service whilst they’re on-site.

Wavin™ Feature Comparison Table

See how Wavin™ stacks up against the rest, and understand the industry leading features behind Wavin™’s patented technology. Download the Wavin™ Feature Comparison table onto your current device:

Wavin™ Feature Comparison Table




Do I need any special equipment to use Wavin™?

No! Any mobile phone or device that is internet enabled can be used to access Wavin™ to check-in patron’s details.

Can I use Wavin™ for more than one venue?

Yes! If you have multiple premises we will provide you with a different Wavin™ sensor for each location. For enterprise level systems requiring 10 or more please contact us to discuss.

Is there a limit to how many people can Wavin™ on a sensor?

No. Wavin™ has been designed so you have unlimited Wavin™s. There are no additional costs. We do not penalise you for having more guests or patrons.

Does Wavin™ use location services (GPS) to track customers?

No, Wavin™ does not use any location services or GPS. Whenever you wave your phone over a Wavin™ sensor, the sensor triggers an automated check in and records only the date and time you entered those premises. We do not track anyone at any time.

Does a customer need to put in their details every time they use Wavin™?

No, one of the huge benefits of Wavin™ is that it is the easiest and most convenient solution on the market for patrons to use. With Wavin™, you only have to enter your details the very first time. Then you can simply Wavin™ wherever you see the Wavin logo.

Do you need to sign a contract?

No, there is only a monthly fee paid in advance. Your subscription can be cancelled anytime. Simply send an email with your company details in it and “cancel” in the subject line.

All about NFC


Learn how to Wavin™ with your device at any Wavin™ location, using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Find out if your device supports NFC and learn how to Wavin™ with ease!

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