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Why Use Wavin™️?

Governments have made it mandatory to collect guest/patron contact details on entry to many businesses for the purposes of contact tracing to beat the COVID-19 virus. There are many industries that must use a guest registry system. There are also many industries who are choosing to use a guest registry system to keep their staff and customers safe.

Wavin have developed and patented new technology, in Melbourne, enabling many benefits and advantages over other systems:

  • No need to open camera or an app
  • Does not drain battery
  • Does not require app to download
  • Does not use any GPS or tracking
  • Safe and secure
  • Quicker and easier to use
  • Register first time, then Wavin at all Wavin signs Australia wide
  • Immediate connection to contact tracers if required
  • Ability to opt in and receive loyalty programs / specials from businesses
  • Feel safer going out, knowing that if there is an outbreak, Wavin has you covered
  • Partnered with St John Ambulance and numerous other peak bodies

Using the Wavin system will allow Australia to reopen quicker and stay open when there are future outbreaks. This is because the Wavin system will establish a national contact tracing system that can provide the required information immediately.

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Getting Started



Data Collections & Privacy

Security & Compliance


Getting Started

Do I need any special equipment to use Wavin?

No. Any mobile phone or device that is internet enabled can be used to access Wavin to check-in patron’s details.

What customer details should be entered when checking-in?

Per government guidelines, customers should be checked in with their full name, phone number, email address, date and time stamped. Wavin does all of this for you automatically. It is also possible to customise Wavin to collect answers to specific questions. Please contact us for more details regarding this feature. Each state’s requirements are different, please check your state government’s COVID safe contact tracing requirements.

Can I use Wavin for more than one venue?

Yes! If you have multiple premises we will provide you with a different Wavin sensor for each location. For enterprise level systems requiring 10 or more please contact us to discuss.

Can I have multiple Wavin sensors at one location?

Yes, you may have several areas or rooms that all have a sensor at the entrances. Each sensor can be programmed for that area for reporting purposes.

Is there a limit to how many people can Wavin on a sensor?

No. Wavin has been designed so you have unlimited Wavins. There are no additional costs. We do not penalise you for having more guests or patrons.

Is there a limit on how many sensors I can have at one premise?

No, Wavin is designed to work at all types of venues, big and small. For enterprise customers, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Does Wavin use location services (GPS) to track customers?

No, Wavin does not use any location services or GPS. Whenever you wave your phone over a Wavin sensor, the sensor triggers an automated check in and records only the date and time you entered those premises. We do not track anyone at any time.

Want to Wavin with an older iPhone? It’s easy.

Wavin works on all NFC-enabled devices.  Find out how with this simple tip:

Tap here to use Wavin on older iPhones

What if a customer doesn’t have a mobile phone on them?

If a customer doesn’t have a mobile phone or any internet enabled device on them, they can be registered-in on their friend’s phone as an additional guest. Also staff members can manually register guests on any device that has a browser and is connected to the internet.

What if a customer has an old phone with no NFC ability?

Most phones since 2017 have NFC capability built-in and nothing needs to be switched on or activated to use it. By just waving your phone near a sensor it will activate a pop up on your phone.

if your phone is very old and does not have NFC capability, no problem. All of our Sensor Counter Cards have a QR code, as well as a web link that can be entered as back up.

All popular Android and IOS devices have the ability to scan a QR code. This is done in three easy steps:

  1. Open Camera
  2. Show QR code to camera
  3. Click on URL pop-up

If you do not have QR code available, no problem. Simply enter the URL code and begin your check in. And if you don’t have a phone with you, a staff member or a friend with a phone can Wavin for you.



What if one person wants to check-in all customers at an entrance to the premises or at a table?

It is easy to enter extra people. Simply add extra people in your success page once you have waved in. Wavin also remembers your extra guests for future Wavins. So if you’re with the kids each time you do not have to re-enter them, making it quicker and easier.

Does a customer need to put in their details every time they use Wavin?

No, one of the huge benefits of Wavin is that it is the easiest and most convenient solution on the market for patrons to use. With Wavin, you only have to enter your details the very first time. Then you can simply Wavin wherever you see the Wavin logo 👋

Can I use Wavin as a Health and Safety Check in System?

Yes. St John Ambulance is a user and partner of Wavin and they are using it to ensure patrons entering certain businesses and events are healthy. Customised questions can be added for enterprise clients.

What if a customer puts in false information?

Wavin has a phone number verification system to ensure information is correct.

How can staff be sure if customers have checked-in?

Staff can check their Wavin business portal at any time to see live updates as to who have waved into their location. Staff can ask to see the success page on a customer’s phone on entry if they wish.

Can Staff and Suppliers use it?

Yes it’s designed for everyone entering your premises to use. You should make it mandatory that all staff, suppliers and patrons use it.



What does Wavin cost?

Wavin has been designed to be very affordable. At only A$30 to set up per sensor and a flat rate of A$24 per month subscription, it makes sense.

For only A$24/month you can protect your staff and customers and your community.

Do you need to sign a contract?

No, there is only a monthly fee paid in advance. Your subscription can be cancelled anytime. Simply send an email with your company details in it and “cancel” in the subject line.

Can we partner with Wavin and resell your services?

Yes, there are limited opportunities to become a Wavin partner/reseller. Please contact our head office to discuss further.

Data collection & privacy

Data collection & privacy

Is the data secure?

All data entered in Wavin is held securely in a stringently highly protected location in Australia. The information is available only to the Wavin customer by logging in securely into their account. Wavin data is deleted as per government guidelines for each state (generally after 28 days).

How do I access the data for contact tracing?

If you need to access the data for contact tracing for any confirmed or suspected cases at your place of business then you will be able to access and download this data in a CSV File, by logging into your business account. This should only be required if you have been asked by a government contact tracing team member. Contact tracers may also connect to the service to access data as required. Contact tracing organisations must pass validation – if your contact tracing unit wishes to access the service, please contact our head office.

Can I use the contact data for marketing?

The data collected from Wavin is for contact tracing purposes only. The data is not made available to any other party nor used for any other purpose. Users may have the opportunity if they wish to opt into additional communication programmes, however wherever this is available, additional terms and conditions apply.

How do I sign up and get started?

It is simple. Just jump on our website at and create an account (fill in your company details) and how many sensors you would like. Wavin will then take payment for the set up cost and first month and program your sensor/s for your business. A Welcome pack will be sent to you with all your sensors. Simply put the Wavin sensor at a prominent place at your entrance and start using it.

Need any additional questions answered?

Contact Wavin Head Office at

Security & compliance

Security & compliance

Wavin is compliant with privacy and data protection laws.

All data that Wavin collects is subject to the relevant privacy and data protection policies and legislation in your territory. You may read our policies and terms and conditions in detail at the base of this page, and also upon waving in at any location. Wavin staff and management are here to protect our guest and customer data.


Customer data in our services is subject to full end-to-end encryption using AES-256 encryption. Data is encrypted at the point of entry by a customer and is encrypted both in transit and at rest at the data centre.

Physical Security

All data is stored in encrypted form in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in Australia. GCP adheres to security controls including ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC3, and IRAP. For further information on Google Cloud Platform compliance please visit