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The problem

Today businesses use manual recording on paper or QR codes to meet government requirements to track customers, employees and suppliers for Covid. In some states like NSW it’s mandatory to do so electronically.

Wavin – it’s so simple

Like payment system Paywave, Wavin uses contactless card technology to capture data. It’s much faster, more secure and professional. At only $24 per sensor, Wavin is a no brainer for any business that wants to comply with covid regulations and keep their staff, suppliers and customers safe.

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The contact tracing solution

1. Sign up

Simply press the Get Wavin button or visit A sign, including the in-built electronic sensor, will be couriered to you within 2 days.

2. Self-install

The electronic sensor is built into the sign. Install the sign at the entrance using say double sided tape. Activate the sensor to the Wavin website. The self-installation process takes less than 5 minutes.

3. Wavin

Your customers wave their phones over the Wavin sign. First time users register their details once. Unlike other methods, all future Wavins will automatically sign them in.

4. Contact tracing

If a Covid positive person visits your business, simply log into the Wavin website to electronically transfer contact details for contract tracing.


How much does Wavin Cost?

The investment in Wavin is only $24 per sensor per month.

What does the investment include?

The Wavin service is a turn key operation. All the business has to do is fix the sensors, record their business details and wave-in people. This means the cost of sensors, video training, 24 hour x 7 day support, hosting, managing data, contact tracing and providing the management reporting is all included in the modest monthly investment of $24 per sensor.

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User Stories

Ease of Use

“It’s a great product, really easy to use. It makes it easier for everyone our staff and customers.”

Team Members

“Our staff have more time to deal with customers.”


“It’s easy for customers because they don’t have to register again. They simply wave in and it checks them in automatically. I get less customer complaints because customers don’t want to fill in their details every single time.” 


“It’s easier for me because all the record keeping is done for me. I used to worry if government needed the records. Now its no stress.” 

Who is Bunker Spreckels? Café
Elwood Victoria

“What a great idea. So cool.
Wavin is so simple to use, it is the most simple system I have come across so far.”

Build A Bear
Westfield Fountain Gate Shopping Centre

Get Wavin

How does Wavin compare?

Simple, Fast and Professional

The value proposition is that customers move through faster and are less inconvenienced. The business has more customer transactions, faster turnover and more sales. For the vast majority of people there is no more hand writing or fumbling around lining up QR codes on cameras. Simply wave. It’s up to 6 times faster than QR codes and 10 times faster than manually recording which is how contact tracing is typically done today.

Builds Trust

There is no better way for a business to show it cares about the safety of customers, suppliers and team members than have contract tracing. A data breach is catastrophic for business. By having the service professionally managed it shows the business cares about the privacy of data. Wavin is so much more professional than the alternatives which is vital for brand reputation.

Easy and Secure

Wavin even caters for the few people who have old phones or no phones. Everything is automated and managed so there is no additional work. Wavin provides bank grade data security and complies with government requirements like automatically deleting records after 28 days. Wavin is turn key to provide everything legal agreements, data security to customer insights. 

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Get Wavin

Connect with our team today, and let’s find out how Wavin can play a part in your organisation:

Frequently Asked Questions

What underlying technology does Wavin use for communicating with phones?

NFC or Near Field Communication enables the contactless, camera less and hassle free communication. It’s the same high secure technology used in Pay Wave.

What happens if a person doesn’t have a phone with NFC capability or doesn’t have a phone?

This is rare. Although its slower, the person can use the QR codes or go to the weblink on the sensor. There is also provision for staff to manually enter details.

Can the business access data about customers?

Yes, the secure web portal gives the business data insights about customers. Date, time, location, mobile. Wavin handles the legal requirements of data privacy.

Is the data safe?

The data is housed in Google Cloud – which is bank grade security. Information is automatically deleted after 29 days in accordance with government regulations.

Who owns the data?

The business owns their data.

Can I link Wavin with other systems?

It’s simple and quick to use Wavin out of the box. However Wavin can link with external systems through API calls.

Can the business use Wavin to monitor the number of customers in the premises?

Yes, by having people wave out as well as wave in. This let’s business understand the full journey, including entry and departure times.

How much faster is Wavin?

A person registers their details once. If a person is already registered, a business processes 20 people in a minute, QR codes up to 7 people and manual entry 3 people per minute.

Does Wavin verify accuracy of information provided?

Yes. It verifies to reduce spam and fake information provided, improving contact tracing.

Is the user interface customisable?

Yes. The business can customise to promote the business as people wave in.

Can people enter as a group?

Yes, as an example families can enter as a group.

Is there any limit to the number of venues or people?


Can you build-in a loyalty / rewards Program?

Yes. The business can also incentivise customers to check in and reward them.

Who can use Wavin?

Any person: Customers, employees or suppliers.

Is the data safe?

People are understandably concerned about data privacy and security. Wavin is independent. It means the only government access to data is to help in contact tracing. Wavin security is managed by Google using the same standards applied to bank data. Visit information is automatically deleted after 28 days in accordance with government regulations.

How is the data secured?

Wavin data is housed in Australia within a private Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. The customer data itself is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption. Communication uses Secure Socket Layer SSL/HTTPS protocols. For further specifications visit

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