Wavin on old iphone

How To Wavin™ With an Older Apple iPhone

With Apple’s latest iOS 14 software update, using NFC to Wavin™ with an older iPhone just became even easier

Wavin™ Faster, Even With an Older iPhone

Even if your older iPhone doesn’t immediately support Wavin’s speedy NFC technology, you can
Wavin™ even faster next time by using the brand new NFC Widget in iOS14.

It’s easy with IOS14.

Ensure that you’re running the latest version of IOS14 on your device.

Then swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen to reveal the NFC button.

See the screenshot on the right to find it:

Then all you have to do is wave your phone over a Wavin sensor, and you’re done.

Here’s a simple video to show you how: